Why Real Estate Agents Trust Fairway

March 5, 2018 12:00 am

A young family being shown a house by a realtorTrust is imperative in business, especially in the real estate and mortgage industries. When people set out to make the largest financial transaction of their lives, they seek out a real estate agent who lends their experience and expertise. Buyers trust their Realtor to show them houses that are in their price range, and to help them negotiate while ensuring that the home buying process goes smoothly.

Following are three important things about Fairway Independent Mortgage that can make a difference for your clients:

First, Fairway is an independent mortgage bank. We aren’t limited to one set of guidelines or rates like the retail banks. This allows us to present more options to homebuyers and find great rates for your clients.

Second, Fairway occupies the “sweet spot” in mortgage lending. We are big enough to have great rates and programs from our investors, but small enough to care about what we do. It’s our personal touch and excellent communication that make us a leader in the industry. If we need assistance from anyone at Fairway, including CEO Steve Jacobson, we can call and have an answer right away.

Third, we are mortgage bankers, not brokers. Our only focus is mortgages. We are specialists and dedicated to ensuring that home loans are closed on time with no surprises. We are here to support you and your client during every step of the lending process.

Beyond our ability to perform at a consistently high level, we have a genuine interest in helping people achieve their financial goals. We believe in partnering with the best in the business to build our community and our business. We believe in partnering with you.

Our goal is simple – to take care of people. As a real estate agent, you can trust us to take care of your clients like we would take care of a member of our family. We know that your word speaks volumes to those who trust you, and we will never do anything to mar the reputation that you have spent years building. We will always have your back. So, the next time a buyer asks you whom you trust, we want you to tell them that you (and they) can always trust Fairway.

Call me today to see how Fairway can help your clients.